Custom themes and dashboards

With the themes and dashboards built by our partners, you can build eye-catching apps and pages — all using BootstrapVue! The following items have been curated by the BootstrapVue team.

BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard PRO

BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard PRO is a completely new product built on our newest re-built from scratch framework structure that is meant to make our products more intuitive, more adaptive and, needless to say, so much easier to customize. Let Argon amaze you with its cool features and build tools and get your project to a whole new level.

Category: Admin & Dashboard Provided by: Creative Tim

Get dashboard Price: $89.00*

BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard

BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard is built with over 100 individual components, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. All components can take variations in color, that you can easily modify using SASS files.

Category: Admin & Dashboard Provided by: Creative Tim

Get dashboard Price: FREE*

Dexam - Startup & Product Landing Page

Dexam is a clean startup and product landing page built with Vue Cli and BootstrapVue. It comes with 10+ home and colors variations. A HTML version is included.

Category: Landing Page Provided by: UI Lib

Get landing page Price: $22.00*

Gull - Admin Dashboard

Gull is a modern, next-generation Vue.js Admin Dashboard. It is feature-rich, responsive and built on top of Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router and BootstrapVue. If you want to create a Vue.js Admin Dashboard, Gull is best option.

Category: Admin & Dashboard Provided by: UI Lib

Get dashboard Price: $24.00*

Vuexy - Admin Dashboard

Vuexy is a production ready, carefully crafted, extensive Admin Dashboard. It is mainly powered by BootstrapVue and the Vue.js Composition API. The dashboard is API powered with JWT Authentication and ability based access control.

Category: Admin & Dashboard Provided by: PIXINVENT

Get dashboard Price: $32.00*