Vue.js 3.x initial support

BootstrapVue meets @vue-compat!

With the release of v2.23.0 you can now use BootstrapVue with migration build of Vue.js 3

Important limitations

@vue-compat support is currently limited to { MODE: 2 } configuration both for compiler and Vue.js itself. You can find more details in compat configuration section of migration guide.

That means that you can manually configure each your component with { compatConfig: { MODE: 3 }} to be ready for switching to Vue.js 3, however global configuration should be kept in legacy mode in order for all BootstrapVue functions to work

export default {
  data() { /* ... */ },

  // This will disable all Vue.js 2 legacy features for your component
  compatConfig: { MODE: 3 }

 // ... rest of your component configuration ... 

Getting started

  • Configure your application according to upgrade workflow
  • Upgrade bootstrap-vue to v2.23.0 or higher
  • Make sure you're still on bootstrap v4

You can use this sandbox for reference or reporting issues with @vue/compat